A new semester is starting, and as usual ESN Roma ASE is here to welcome all of you with a 2weeks-program full of events!

TANDEM NIGHTS (23/09; 30/09)
An event to meet new people and learn Italian in an informal environment, while eating something and having a good drink.

COCKTAIL NIGHTS (24/09; 01/10)
The most famous ASE event to meet new people and chill out with discounted drinks.

MEET THE ESNers (25/09)
You're going to spend the next semester/year with us. So: why not to meet our volunteers and get to know each other?

CITY TOURS (26/09; 03/10)
Two city tours organized by our volunteers to let you discover the beauty of Rome in the daylight and the magic of Rome in the nighttime.

PARTIES (27/09; 04/10)
As always, the best Erasmus parties in Rome are on Fridays. Don't even think you can live without them!

PIC-NIC (28/09)
Need to recover from Friday night party? Or (what a huge mistake) did you miss it?
Well: come to our picnic to spend the whole day together in Villa Ada. Bring something to eat and drink, we will be there waiting for you!

Eating (and drinking some wine) is a crucial part of our culture. You can't say you have lived in Rome without trying at least a dinner in Ariccia, a small village close to Rome where all Romans go to eat and drink (responsibly, of course...) as often as they can!

BOWLING (and Welcome Aperitif) (02/10)
Are you a bowling champion? Is this your first bowling experience?
No matter how much experience you have, just join us and enjoy: you won't regret it!

Are you interested in sports? If you met Guido, our proud Sport Manager, you already heard this question.
Come and join us in this open day to practice a new sport, show the champion you are or just make new friends!

Two intense weeks full of events have passed. But there is still an event you can't miss: the traditional Wine Festival in Marino.
This is a traditional festival that is almost 100 years old.
Can you imagine to miss it? Wine will come out from the fountains!


You will find more information on our Facebook Page and in the Facebook Event