Erasmus People, good news for you !!!

We are working hard to let you enjoy your student mobility period avoiding money-wasting.
That's why we are constantly working on new partnerships to let you have lots of discounts with your ESNcard (if you still don't have one, hurry up and come to our office!).

Here we introduce you the two brand new members of our partners family: LasaGnaM and Barberia Retrò!
Remember: you can find all the discounts you can obtain with your ESNcard on!


Can you live in Italy without eating lasagna? Simply impossible!

Try this high-quality lasagna-centered restaurant in Roma, where only the best ingredients are used yo make the best homemade lasagna in the city!


With your ESNcard only you will always have 10% discount on everything in the menu; furthermore, every Friday a special offer has been made especially for you: the Student Friday, a 6€ menu including Lasagna, Fries and Drink!


LasaGnaM is in via Nazionale 184 and you can find their website HERE.


Barberia Retrò

Do you need a new haircut?
With your ESNcard only you can do it in a stylish barber shop without losing all of your savings! (So maybe you will come to our next trip... won't you?)

Every Tuesday and Wednesday you will have a 30% discount on everything !

Barberia Retrò is in via Bartolomeo Borghesi 16 and you can find their Facebook page HERE.